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The Best Paw Patrol Toys To Save the Day in Adventure Bay

Ryder to the rescue.

Oh yes, parents, we have all lived through PAW Patrol. The gently annoying show is about six rescue dogs, led by Ryder, who are all part of the elite four-legged squad known as PAW Patrol. And the show, as one would expect, has generated quite a few PAW Patrol toys that are marketed to your kids.

Guided by the mantra that no job is too big and no pup is too small, the six canines of PAW Patrol work together on their rescue missions. Fan favorites include plucky Skye, police dog Chase and firefighter Marshall. But all snark aside, the series teaches kids to work as a team to solve problems and overcome obstacles, which is, without question, a good lesson for preschoolers to learn

Naturally, a show like PAW Patrol has endless amounts of loot affiliated with it. And it’s not cheap, let us assure you. That’s why we, ahem, pawed through it to bring you the best PAW Patrol toys you should buy.

Best PAW Patrol Toys

One of this year's hottest toys, the Paw Patrol lookout tower arms kids with an actual working telescope.

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This thing has actual working lights and sounds. At just over two feet tall, it’s the perfect size for little Paw Patrol aficionados. And when kids push the button on the tower, they hear Ryder give his missions.

Yet another winner from the Paw Patrol brand, this toy transforms from the team vehicle into an action packed track set.

The Patroller fits seven, count ’em seven, true metal vehicles (sold separately, sadly) which can be loaded into the carrier. And then, kids let them loose when it turns into a track set.

These are the aforementioned true metal vehicles, with working wheels and and made from die-cast metal material.

This set includes six high-speed true metal vehicles all made of real metal, including new versions of Marshall and Rubble’s wheels. They fit right into the patroller and can be dispatched when some rescuing is needed.

Another winner from the brand, this two-in-one toy transforms from deluxe jet into a mobile command headquarters.

When things get really tough, kids can  launch Ryder and his mini jet straight out of the command center to save the day.

Snowstorm? What snowstorm? PAW Patrol doggie Everest saves the snow day with her snow plow, which has moving claws on the front to clear the road.

As you might have deduced from her name, Everest is proficient in snow. This set includes her snow plow, which clears every road in Adventure Bay. It has real working treads, and comes with the Everest action figure. Woof.

It's now PAW Patrol without the actual, you know, PAW patrollers. This set includes Skye, Zuma, and Rocky action figures.

These PAW Patrol canines will get the job done, especially after kids press their corresponding badges. The badges are meant for kids, who can wear them while playing.

Kids can learn teamwork with PAW Patrol, and they'll love this two-foot tall tower. It has interactive lights and sounds, and has a rotating periscope at the top of the top of the tower.

This tower is the perfect size and height for Adventure Bay aficionados. It’s got a working elevator and slide, and a button that lights up to get the pups ready for work. The set includes Chase and Marshall figures, plus a Chase vehicle and pup packs.

This PAW Patrol play set includes Chase's vehicle, tricked out with new tech. Kids repair the fallen bridge and send Chase on his next mission, to save Hootie the owl (as opposed to anyone in the Blowfish).

Chase zooms around the track, and winds up rescuing the trapped owl. It’s a lovely message for kids, and a great way to engage in social pretend play.

What, you thought PAW Patrol was only about planes? Think again. This construction truck is equipped with a movable front scoop and wrecking ball.

The set includes Rubble, and the truck has working lights, sounds, and moving parts, which means a swinging wrecking ball and a swiveling scooper.

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