This Clever Diaper Bag Has A Secret Changing Station That Folds Out

It just folds right out.

by Dave Baldwin
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paperclip diaper bag

It’s an all too common scenario: You stumble into the public restroom of a taco restaurant to change your baby’s diaper and, finding neither a table on the wall nor pad in your bag (curses), you’re forced to remove your shirt and lay it on the floor next to a dirty toilet. Then, vowing never to be unprepared again, you go home and design a diaper bag with a changing station that’s built right into the pack. No, doesn’t sound familiar? Hmmm. Well, it’s exactly what happened to the dude who came up with the Paperclip Diaper Bag, and you’re going to be glad it did.

At first glance, the Paperclip is a handsome diamond-quilted/leather-trimmed bag that — if no baby is around — you’re likely to assume is filled with a MacBook, David Guetta EPs, and a Moleskine notebook. Yea, it’s stylish. Unzip the front, though, and prepare to have your sleep-deprived mind blown. It boasts a patent-pending, foam-cushioned changing station (with sides) that folds out so you have a convenient and clean space to change your baby. Diapers, wipes, and whatnot are right there in front of you, along with a wet pocket, to make life easy. Well, easier. And there’s also a separate laptop compartment that’s accessed from the outside. Finally, the whole changing station is removable/machine washable so you can keep it clean and/or easily convert the bag back to holding records and your dream journal.

The Paperclip comes in 2 styles with names that resemble a morning zoo crew, the Bear and the Willow. The Bear comes in charcoal black and features a single front hook, while the Willow (named after the girl changed on the aforementioned taco-restaurant floor) boasts double latches that can also be used strap down gear to the outside. Both are easily converted from backpack to messenger with the included shoulder strap. Although not just yet, since they aren’t shipping until January/February. Until then, you’re best bet is to wear 2 shirts when you go out to dinner.

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