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These Rugged Vans Are Built For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Contrary to the sage wisdom of motivational speaker Matt Foley, sometimes living in a van down by the river can be pretty damn sweet — especially, if it’s only for a week during the summer. And that ‘van’ isn’t a Mark III, but this fully tricked out family adventure vehicle.

And that is exactly what an Outside Van is: A made-to-order mobile home for outdoor explorers, family campers, and paranoids prepping for the zombie apocalypse. They come in 3 levels of customization (each more expensive than the other), and they rock edgy names like the Timber Den, the Van Awesome, and the Point Break — so, you will indeed be able to yell “Vaya con Dios, neighbors!” as you pull out of the driveway.

All ordering starts with the basic Core Line, which comes equipped with a 3-panel bed, lighting, a fully-insulated interior, and more. It runs about $48,000 without the actual van. (Yes, buzzkill alert: The vans are sold separately. You’re paying just to have it customized.) From there, you choose the options: Everything from bunk beds, a drop-down TV, and a stainless-steel shower, to a full galley, rooftop A/C, and your choice of black or pinto beans.

Depending on how many slick features you add, you’ll either end up purchasing the Configurable Package (which starts at $80k, and 2-to-4 months of work) or the Custom Buildout, which runs a cool $180k (again, without the van). It also takes about 6-to-12 months to complete. So while it may not be ready for this summer’s adventure, at least you’ll have plenty of time to work on that Chris Farley impersonation.

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