Organizations Warn Parents About Snapchat’s New Feature

Snap Maps is universally unsettling.

by James Wohr
Originally Published: 
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Social media’s main purpose is to bring kids, families, and friends together. But Snapchat is taking that goal to near-Orwellian levels. The company recently released a new Snap Map feature, which through geolocation allows followers to see where exactly you are whenever the app is on. Parents are rightfully concerned about the privacy implications of the feature.

Through geolocation, Snap Map lets you see your friends’ Bitmoji icon on a map. If the setting is activated, it’ll do the same for you. You don’t need to be an IT professional to understand the inherent danger of that: since many people have followers they don’t know in real life, this feature opens all users up to the possibility of getting stalked or worse. Snapchat has released guides for parents on how to turn on “Ghost Mode” to keep their kids safe, but of course many are wondering why the app made this a feature in a first place.

In fact, dozens of outlets all over the world are issuing out warnings to parents, highlighting the dangers of the feature and telling them not to let their kids use it. Well, at least SnapMap accomplished something: unifying the media.

Here are some of the many, many outlets that have issued warnings.

  • Boston Globe
  • Alabama News
  • Pauline Media Studies
  • ABC News
  • WGN-TV
  • CNN
  • USA Today
  • San Mateo PD
  • Manchester Evening News
  • 12 News WBNG
  • WCSH6 Portland
  • WTOP
  • My San Antonio
  • The Canadian Press
  • For Every Mom
  • Mirror
  • Independent
  • Good Housekeeping
  • KSWO
  • Baby Center Blog
  • WCYB
  • TripWire
  • ChicagoNow
  • BBC News
  • CBS New York
  • FOX 4 Now
  • NY1
  • AZTV 7
  • Coventry Telegraph
  • Parents
  • Future Tech Studio School
  • News 12 Long Island
  • WXYZ Detroit
  • Sioux City Journal
  • Wicked Local Lincoln
  • KFVS12
  • Plymouth Herald
  • 1011 Now
  • The Week
  • The Scottish Sun
  • Daily Record
  • Birmingham Mail
  • Wales Online
  • CBC News
  • TECH2
  • The Star
  • NewsLetter

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