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The Onewheel+ Motorized Skateboard Rumbles Over Any Terrain

If your kids have been clamoring for one of those hoverboards, but you’re less than enamored by the thought of the garage going up in smoke, then check out the Onewheel+. The rechargeable motorized skateboard is burly enough to bounce over obstacles that would make those tech-nerd mobiles crumble, but it’s also self-stabilizing.

Less traditional skateboard and more high-tech piece of wood atop a giant go-kart tire, the Onewheel+ is a retooled version of the popular Onewheel that debuted in 2014. It still boasts the same tilt-to-ride mechanics (lean forward to go, lean backward to brake), rumbles over any rock, tree, or trail in its path and has those sweet LED red/white head and tail lights that switch when you change directions. But the big difference is its new 2HP motor, which delivers a smoother, faster ride and top speed of 20 mph.

Battery-wise, it uses 48v Lithium Nano-phosphates (LiFeP04) that are good for 7 miles in a single charge. With a standard charger, they re-juice in about 2 hours. Upgrade to the Ultracharger, however, and Junior’s back on the road in 20 minutes. Even with the batteries, the Plus weighs a manageable 25 pounds.


Finally, if you find yourself clamoring for a ride, you’ll be happy to learn that it syncs via Bluetooth with an app that lets the rider choose the type of ride (firm, carving, etc.) — making it either easier or harder to control. Also, it features video lessons, so you can figure out what the hell you’re doing before you even climb aboard.
(Pre-order for April)

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