The Onewheel+ Motorized Skateboard Rumbles Over Any Terrain

It also travels 7 miles on a single charge.

by Dave Baldwin
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If your kids have been clamoring for one of those hoverboards, but you’re less than enamored by the thought of the garage going up in smoke, then check out the Onewheel+. The rechargeable motorized skateboard is burly enough to bounce over obstacles that would make those tech-nerd mobiles crumble, but it’s also self-stabilizing.

Less traditional skateboard and more high-tech piece of wood atop a giant go-kart tire, the Onewheel+ is a retooled version of the popular Onewheel that debuted in 2014. It still boasts the same tilt-to-ride mechanics (lean forward to go, lean backward to brake), rumbles over any rock, tree, or trail in its path and has those sweet LED red/white head and tail lights that switch when you change directions. But the big difference is its new 2HP motor, which delivers a smoother, faster ride and top speed of 20 mph.

Battery-wise, it uses 48v Lithium Nano-phosphates (LiFeP04) that are good for 7 miles in a single charge. With a standard charger, they re-juice in about 2 hours. Upgrade to the Ultracharger, however, and Junior’s back on the road in 20 minutes. Even with the batteries, the Plus weighs a manageable 25 pounds.

Finally, if you find yourself clamoring for a ride, you’ll be happy to learn that it syncs via Bluetooth with an app that lets the rider choose the type of ride (firm, carving, etc.) — making it either easier or harder to control. Also, it features video lessons, so you can figure out what the hell you’re doing before you even climb aboard.

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