This Kids’ Couch Doubles as a Pillow Fort

No more couch potatoes.

by Dave Baldwin
Originally Published: 
nugget portable couch

The best kids’ couch is a couch that lets kids be kids. Meaning, they can hang out on the kids’ sofa, spill drinks, throw cushions around, and maybe, just maybe, use them to build a fort.

One such kids’ couch is the Nugget, a 4-piece, portable couch for kids. It’s made of open-cell foam (covered by a soft, washable microsuede fabric) and designed to withstand whatever they throw at it. Literally. They claim it’s unbreakable, so hurl away! It’s comprised of a base, mattress, and 2 triangular-shaped pillows (equilateral, if you’re quizzing them on geometry) that are unconnected for easy mobility.

And while the Nugget is one couch option for kids, we another one that’s equally cool. The last thing they’ll do is turn your kid into a coach potato.

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