Now’s The Time To Stock up on Play-Doh

Amazon's having a sale. You should take advantage of it. Because, let's face it, you can never have enough dough.

by Dave Baldwin
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There are few toys kids “ruin” as fast as Play-Doh. It only takes a couple of times before every can in the box becomes a lump of brown dough. Which is why it can never hurt to stock up when the colorful clay goes on sale. Like today, on Amazon, where it’s up to 40-percent off.

While the one-day-only sale focuses primarily on playsets, it’s anchored by the basics: A discounted 24-pack of 3-ounce cans in a rainbow assortment of colors. When a few cans get muddied together, no big deal ⏤ there are still 20 more in the box. Regularly $21 for the case, it’s on sale today for $12. As for the playsets, here are three worth noting.

Touch Shape to Life Studio

The biggest deal of the day — both in terms of coolness and price cut ⏤ is Play-Doh’s augmented reality studio, which lets kids create clay characters and then virtually bring them to life on a smartphone or tablet. It comes with stampers, cutters, and seven cans of dough, and it’s marked down from $50 to $14.

Buy Now $14

Kitchen Creations Magical Oven

Everything a future baker/pizza maker needs to start practicing their craft, this electronic oven has a light that changes from white to red while the food bakes and a bell/timer to let them know the fake muffins are done. It’s $10 off today and sells for $17.

Buy Now $17

Perfect Twist Ice Cream Playset

Other than selling for almost half off, the only other thing you need to know about this five-can ice cream set is that it comes with a sprinkle maker.

Buy Now $11

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