Nimuno Loops ‘Lego Tape’ Lets Kids Stick Bricks To Anything

And around corners!

by Dave Baldwin
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nimuno lego tape

Thanks to a wave of Lego accessories, your kids can do all sorts of things with their building blocks that you never could. Attach them to a wall, make them bend and flex, fly them around the room, all easy enough nowadays. But one thing they still can’t do ⏤ stick them to the family cat. Until now. Introducing: Nimuno Loops Lego-compatible tape.

Another one of those inventions that somehow hasn’t been on Shark Tank, Nimuno Loops are rolls of flexible double-brick baseplates that you can stick on (or wrap around) pretty much anything. They bend, flex, and can be cut to size. And their adhesive backing is strong, but not so strong that you can’t pull it off the fridge and stick it to the coffee table.

Each roll is 6.5-feet long and comes in one of 3 colors (red, blue, green). Oh, and they aren’t just compatible with LEGO ⏤ they also work with Mega and Kreo and other standard brick toys. Thanks to a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign (they asked for $8k; they got half a million), you can order 2 rolls for $11; 4 for $22; or 6 for $34 ⏤ it all just depends on the size of your cat.

(Pre-order for July 2017)

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