Nerf’s New Accustrike Darts And Blasters Are Designed To Actually Hit The Target

One shot is all you need.

by Dave Baldwin
Nerf gun

You don’t need to have suffered a humiliating defeat to a battalion of 9-year-olds to know that the biggest problem with Nerf guns is getting those damn darts to go where you want them to. You may as well be firing a toy musket across the living room. Thankfully, Nerf‘s long-overdue N-Strike Elite Accustrike darts and blasters are designed to actually hit the target.

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After years of focusing on improving firing distance at the expense of precision and accuracy, the toy gun gurus at Hasbro have finally listened to the masses and created a dart that stays on course. Essentially, they used 3D modeling to tweak the airflow and weight distribution, as well as add a new “corkscrew” rifled rubber tip. So while they can still fire up to 50 feet, you now at least know which direction they’re going. And you no longer have to spray the entire room with darts and hope at least one of them hits.

That’s not all, though: Nerf also unveiled 4 new blasters that fire the new and improved darts: The Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Alphahawk sniper rifle includes a stock, pistol grip, and rotating drum that holds 5 darts. The single shot Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Falconfire is your short-range specialist for close-quarter, room-to-room combat. It includes an integrated sight and storage for 2 additional darts.

Just like real gun manufacturers, Hasbro also makes a series of girl-power weapons targeted toward your daughter. The two new models here include the Nerf Rebelle Focusfire Crossbow with 5-shot spinning drum and the one-shot Nerf Rebelle Truepoint Blaster with, no joke, a red-beam “laser” sight that highlights the target. Combine the laser sight with the new dart and you can’t miss — except it’s not for you. It’s for your daughter.

Considering you probably have an armory of older weapons in their playroom, you’ll be happy to know that the new darts and guns are both backward/forward compatible. So old guns work with new darts; new guns work with old darts. And you can finally put away your toy musket.

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