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Nerf's Wild New Blaster Fires Paintball-Like Pellets of H20

Instead of foam projectiles, the latest gun from NERF fires a series of water pellets that it holds in a paintball gun-like hopper.

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The  Nerf Pro Gelfire Water Gun in red shooting small water pods
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The Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic blaster trades the company’s traditional foam ammo with what the company called “hydrated super absorbent polymer rounds.” In short, the blaster will shoot small water pods versus foam darts or balls. Think paintballs, but less cleanup.

Each blaster comes with 10,000 dehydrated projectiles. To ready them for firing, you rehydrate them in water. Eight hundred rounds will fit into the blaster’s hopper and explode on impact. It can fire all 800 rounds in roughly 80 seconds.

The intent of this new gun is to usher in a new era of higher-energy fast-paced competition, per Hasbro. Not only do the gel rounds shoot faster and more continuously, but they also allow for more precise aim and higher velocity than NERF’s other lines. The line is more akin to paintball or airsoft guns, but less painful and without the mess.


Intended for users aged 14 and up, the Pro Gelfire Mythic has two firing rates. NERF fans who are more into precision will appreciate the semi-automatic mode, while those who are more into the spray-and-pray method will gravitate towards the 10-rounds-per-second full auto mode. The best part? No pumping is required. Just pull the trigger and fire away.

There are still questions: What happens to the rounds after they burst? Do they just dissolve? And what happens when you run out? Will there be spare batteries so you can swap and go without waiting for a recharge? Hopefully, these will be addressed in the months before release.

The NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic blaster comes with a removable barrel, extendable stock, protective eyewear, and a USB-C rechargeable battery. It’s slated for release on November 1, 2022 but is currently available for preorder at Hasbro Pulse, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

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