Nerf’s Newest Blaster Is A 10-Barreled Gatling Gun Of Fun

And yeah, it can fire 2 darts at once.

by Dave Baldwin
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nerf gun mega twinshock

In the ever-escalating arms race that Nerf guns is waging against itself, think of the new Mega Twinshock as less a weapon of accuracy than an instrument of blunt force. Essentially, it’s a double-barreled shotgun that has … 10 (!!!) barrels.

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As if that’s not enough to add it to your arsenal, the Nerf gun lets you control how you fire those ten shots. Pull the trigger half way and it shoots a single dart. Pull it all the way back and the Mega Twinshock pops off two at a time. (First time a Nerf blaster does that, by the way). Or, straight hold the trigger down while you furiously pump that MF and go full rapid fire. This is best done while screaming so loud you scare the dog and wait for your enemy/oldest to go down in an epic blaze of glory. Miss your target and you’re pretty much toast, though, seeing as you just blew through all your ammo in about two seconds.

The Mega Twinshock comes with 10 Mega Whistler darts and will run about $40. It makes its official debut at this month’s Toy Fair but isn’t expected to hit toy armories until later this year.

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