Amazon is Having a Huge Sale on Nerf Guns Today. Here’s What to Buy.

The massive sale covers a range of weapons at different price points. Here are five of the best.

Whether you want to up your Nerf firepower so you can stand a chance in the next basement battle or just feel like getting your kids a new and improved dart-shooter, today’s a great day to add a few new guns to the arsenal. Amazon is having a major sale on a ton of different Nerf products, including solid deals on a wide variety of blasters. Because Nerf will never not be awesome, here are five blasters to check out.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

This otherwise bare-bones, pistol-sized blaster comes with a nifty light beam feature that helps one aim at targets up to 15 feet away. Once you’ve lined up your shot, simply pull back the tab and squeeze the trigger. It’s a great first blaster for a kid or an auxiliary weapon for a well-armed Nerf sharpshooter to use for target practice or an auxiliary weapon in a group battle. Today, Amazon cut the Firestrike’s price by a third, moving it firmly into impulse buy territory.

Buy Now $8

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

This slender, two-foot long gun has two handles and a 25-dart drum that attaches to the side. To fire, you pull back on the front handle with a pump action and squeeze the trigger located in front of the back handle. This operation means that you can fire as quickly as your forearm can move, and it’s a fun challenge to see how fast you can go while still firing accurately. Give it a shot yourself, and save 10 bucks if you buy today.

Buy Now $24

Nerf Zombie Strike Survival System

This zombie-ready gun is built for the apocalypse. A detachable scope and barrel extension help you aim and fire at far-away targets. It has a tactical light for use in night battles, there’s a two-shot pistol is hidden in a shoulder stock (which also detaches), and a fling-able foam axe that sits snugly next to the barrel for easy access. It’s on sale today for $35.

Buy Now $35

Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus

The key feature on this two-foot long blaster is the motorized drum. Before a battle, you can load it up with 30 darts. As you play, you can actually reload darts one by one without detaching the drum. The included Speed-Load Technology uses a motor to automatically feed the darts into the drum so they’re ready to fire. If you’re looking for a fairly compact, easily reloadable blaster this is a great choice, and it’s $24 cheaper than usual today.

Buy Now $46

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

Consider this the gatling gun of the Nerf world. A rechargeable NiMh battery powers an advanced acceleration system that allows it to fire eight rounds per second. In other words? In 20 seconds, you can unload the 200 included foam pellets at your enemies. Its on sale for $60 less than usual today.

Buy Now $140