Watch This Video If You Think You’ll Ever Need To Turn A Nerf Blaster Into A Deadly Weapon

It could do in a Zombie Apocalypse pinch.

by Erik King
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nerf guns

Remember the guy who weaponized a Nerf bow? He’s at it again, this time with a Nerf gun, because why play with weaponized foam darts when you can mod those darts with no. 25 scalpel blades (“the sharpest thing available on Amazon!”). In this extremely detailed video, Psycho Toy Weaponizer — known by his victims … er … friends as Joerg Sprave — figures out the blaster’s velocity (45 MPH), then replaces the spring mechanism in order to jack that up to 55 MPH. Then he replaces the Nerf dart tips with the aforementioned scalpel tips and, presto chango!, youthful innocence dies a death of one thousand cuts. Literally.

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[H/T] Toyland

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