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Save $60 on the Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

This thing ain't cheap, so get it now.

The best baby monitor is the one that works best for you and your needs. But the fanciest ones, the ones loaded with the most features, are also the most expensive. So it’s welcome news that you can now save $62 on the Nanit Plus baby monitor. This is a combo of a video baby monitor and a heartbeat baby monitor. It’s a panacea for anxious new parents. And it keeps you connected to your baby 24/7.

This wonderful wall-mounted baby monitor is normally $299.99. It tracks baby sleep and even gives you sleep guidance. Nanit tracks sound and motion, as well as temperature and humidity. You get real-time alerts if you have them. It has two-way audio, background audio, and remote viewing from anywhere you are. The image is insanely clear, too.

This Nanit baby monitor gives you real-time motion alerts, and this model is regularly $379.99. Honestly, we've pretty blown away by the picture quality you get with the Nanit. Not to name drop, but Andy Cohen has one and showed us video of his son sleeping. It was beyond detailed and crystal clear. This model comes with a floor stand that can switch between wall leaning and freestanding mode for total flexibility. Plus, you receive real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity.

This Nanit baby monitor bundle is regularly $379.95. If you buy the bundle with the breathing motion sensor, you can track your baby’s breathing motion, and know when your child need you. Plus, the Nanit tracks sleep patterns so your kid start to get solid blocks of shut-eye. The breathing motion option works when your baby is wearing Nanit's Breathing Wear, which enables the Nanit Plus camera to accurately track your baby's breathing and motion. The swaddle has no wires, or sensors.

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