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When The Play Table Becomes Mission Control

The play table is a household staple. It’s where kids sit to eat snacks and color pictures. It’s where they sip fake tea with stuffed animals and where they watch daddy curse after he takes a chunk out of his shin. Now, an Italian designer wants the play table to be more than that. With the new [MU]table, Martina Mukako is hoping to turn a stylish wooden platform into a height-adjustable 8-in-1 activity center by with a series of interchangeable play boards. That’s a big leap forward for a piece of furniture that historically just sat there.

Designed to save parents both space and cash, the multi-purpose [MU]table comes with four double-sided stackable play boards, each featuring a different activity. In addition to chalk/magnetic boards, it includes bases for both Lego Classic and Duplo, a city and nature landscape, and a couple of puzzles. Down the road, they’ll be a doll house, as well as Play-Doh, kitchen, and music tables. All sold separately. And for poker and string cheese night, kids can just throw the wooden tabletop back on.

[MU]table: The Multi-Functional Children's Play Table

Even cooler, to help cut clutter and keep toys organized, there’s a removable bag attached beneath a hole in the middle of the table. When the kids are done playing, they simply push their toys ⏤ much like their poker chips ⏤ all-in. And then put the bag away. Clean up complete.

[MU]table: The Multi-Functional Children's Play Table

[MU]table comes in five colors (mauve, mint, white, etc.), measures 28-inches in diameter, and stands just over a foot-and-a-half tall. Switch out the feet, and it tops out around two-feet-tall. It’s also sold with matching adjustable height chairs so that the kids aren’t forced to sip their tea awkwardly staring skyward. [MU]table is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter but doesn’t ship until October.
(Available October 2017)

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