Think Of This DIY STEM Toy As A Fitbit Your Kid Builds And Programs From Scratch

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If your kid is stuck down in the Minecraft mines (that’s what they’re doing, right?), there’s a way to get them to look up from the screen while still keeping them addicted to coding. Mover Kit, from the DIY tech toy mad scientists at Technology Will Save Us, wants to get them off their duff, lest they turn into one of those people who spends hours recreating Westeros in fake bricks. (No disrespect to your commitment, GoT fan.)

Inside the box you’ll find a processor that makes use of a motion sensor and compass, and rainbow LED lights that kids can program to do all sorts of cool stuff: Make their own arc reactor for Iron Man cosplay! Play a game of 21st century hot potato! Or just have them slap it to their wrist so you know where they are in a blackout. Previous TWSU kits, while awesome, have been project-based, but the Mover Kit is a bit more open ended and encourages kids to design games around its functionality.

Mover Kit by Technology Will Save Us

The company claims this is the first educational wearable for kids 8 and older, which encourages active play and badass STEM skills. Because video games, apps, and toys are great for a child’s creativity and imagination, not so great for getting the heart rate up.
Mover Kit ($65 on Kickstarter)

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