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Mother’s Day Gifts Moms Actually Want, According to Actual Moms

Why take a shot in the dark when you can use this cheat sheet instead?

Mother’s Day is upon us. Sure, you could bust out the classic Mother’s Day gift combo card-from-the-kids/breakfast-in-bed/”don’t bother me” coupon booklets. But you can’t rely on that winning combo every time. And, frankly, you can do better than that. Besides, no one gives (and gives and gives) more than moms, so you want to find a Mother’s Day gift that not only shows that you recognize this but also that you pay attention to what might enjoy or make their lives easier.

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Of course, figuring out what Mother’s Day gifts to get the mom in your life ⏤ be it the one who birthed you or the mother of your kids ⏤ can be tricky. And that is why we asked 10 moms what Mother’s Day gifts they’d actually like to receive and why. From lightweight hammocks and rechargeable foot files, to face-sheet masks and make-your-own Kombucha kits, here are 10 Mother’s Day gifts real moms actually want to get.

Custom Atelier Paulin Bracelet

Custom Atelier Paulin Bracelet -- mother's day gifts

Custom made in a Parisian workshop, these 14-karat gold wire bracelets can be customized with kid’s names (up to 10 letters) and are worn fitted to the wrist, although an additional band can be added to make it bigger.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I never thought I’d be one of the moms who wanted to rock a piece of jewelry with her kid’s name on it, but I really want one of these.  These bracelets are so delicate and cool looking ⏤ and they can pretty much be worn with anything.” ⏤Leah, 35

Buy Now $310

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Kombucha Brewing Kit

Kombucha Brewing Kit -- mother's day gifts

This Kombucha brewing kit comes with everything one needs to make decidedly less expensive bottles of the fermented drink they sell the grocery store, including a one-gallon glass brewing jar, pH test strips, temperature gauge, and organic, commercially grown Kombucha cultures.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I’m so ready to start making my own kombucha at home and not spending a ton at Whole Foods buying them.”⏤Leila, 37

Buy Now $49

Total Wine Gift Card

Total Wine Gift Card -- mother's day gifts


This service offers access to 8,000 bottles of wine from this national superstore (with online delivery).

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “Wine. And more wine. It’s the best gift imaginable. Just ask any Mom.” ⏤Lauren, 35

Buy Now $0

DoubleNest Hammock

DoubleNest Hammock -- mother's day gifts

Made from a durable 70D waterproof nylon, the DoubleNest comfortably fits two and can be easily packed up for camping trips ⏤ or, in the event, that mom needs to stealthily relocate to the neighbor’s yard to swing/nap in peace.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I would love a hammock for the backyard. My entire family would love it ⏤ and I’m hoping I can train my kids to bring me cocktails while I swing.” ⏤Stephanie, 38

Buy Now $70

PurSteam Travel Fabric Steamer

PurSteam Travel Fabric Steamer -- mother's day gifts

This steamer heats up in minutes, destroys every wrinkle in those impossible to de-wrinkle delicate fabrics, and can be used one-handed while multi-tasking. Even better, it easily fits in a travel bag.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “With three kids, breaking out the iron and board just ain’t happening.” ⏤Christina, 36

Buy Now $20

PediPerfect Rechargeable Foot File

PediPerfect Rechargeable Foot File -- mother's day gifts

This waterproof PediPerfect softens feet, buffs skin, and removes calluses in mere minutes. It’s got two speeds, a rechargeable built-in battery (so no fumbling for more ‘AA’s,) and it can go in the bath or shower.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I honestly don’t remember the last time I was able to indulge in a salon pedicure ⏤ and I would love something I can use quickly to remove the wear and tear off my feet.” ⏤Paula, 41

Buy Now $37

Tea Light Candle Holders

Tea Light Candle Holders -- mother's day gifts

These elegant bronze and brass holders are handmade in India and adorned with a simple bird on the edge.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I eye these every time I’m in a store or online, but never want to splurge on them. I would absolutely love to receive these as a gift ⏤ so I hope my husband is reading this right now.” ⏤Katie, 41

Buy Now $171

Erno Laszlo Sheet Mask

Erno Laszlo Sheet Mask -- mother's day gifts

Face-sheet masks are a trend that isn’t dying anytime soon ⏤ and that’s likely because they work. A step up from the drug store variety so they feel like a real indulgence, these Erno Laszlo masks are available in a four-pack and use argan oil and botanical extracts to reverse aging, moisturize, and remove toxins from the skin.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “I have an addiction to these masks ⏤ they leave my skin feeling so revived, it’s amazing. Plus, if anyone should know why I need to control my wrinkles, it should be my kids.” ⏤Maria, 41

Buy Now $60

Tennis Clothes from Pinks and Greens

Tennis Clothes from Pinks and Greens -- mother's day gifts

Whether for tennis, golf, or hitting the gym, Pinks and Greens covers the full spectrum of functional and cute workout wear.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “Now that all my kids are out of the house, I relish my time on the courts. Pink and Greens has the best selections of apparel ⏤ I love their tennis dresses. Even if I don’t play well, I still look great!” ⏤Natalie, 52

Buy Now $

Cuisinart Saute Pan

Cuisinart Saute Pan -- mother's day gifts

Cuisinart’s 5-1/2-quart stainless-steel saute pan is a high-end, heat-retaining vessel with an aluminum base and mirror-finish exterior. It’s the ideal daily use pan, one that’s ideal for whipping up everything from marinara sauce to mac and cheese.

Why a Real Mom Recommends This Mother’s Day Gift: “My son is getting into cooking, and on Mother’s Day he loves to make me scrambled eggs. It’s the sweetest thing. Technically, this is more a present for him, but his very own saute pan he could use when he cooks for me would be the gift that keeps on giving to both of us.” ⏤Felicia, 37

Buy Now $30