This Personal Cloud Is Secure, Infinitely Expandable, And Catalogs Every Photo You Take

Because your phone's out of storage and you're not deleting a single one of those kid pics.

by Steve Schiff
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Cataloging family memories like a Smithsonian archivist is a nice skill, but kind of useless without somewhere to store them. Having a kid means you likely ran out of smartphone storage a thousand selfies ago, and since nobody knows how to clear iCloud storage (not to go all old man rant here, but seriously, how the hell do you get to that damn cloud?), you need another option. Perhaps a personal cloud device that stores, organizes, and backs up your family photos and videos automatically. Would that be something you might be interested in?

Monument‘s beauty is in its simplicity — a single thing designed to do a single thing, all in a clean little 6-inch-by-6-inch square. Take photos on your phone or camera, and Monument instantly imports them via WiFi sync (or less instantly through a built-in SD card reader). Once stored, Monument goes ahead and organizes everything, loging faces, places, dates, times, and familiar objects or settings. Don’t ask how, it just knows. Then, all you have to do is search “water,” for example, in the app, and you’ll instantly be shown everything from Spring Break ’02 to that time your kid pooped in the bathtub.

Monument works with any device and easily expands with slots for multiple USB-connected external hard drives, so you can pop in that 2-terabyte beast you thought could never be filled until your kid started being so damn adorable. Monument obliterated its Kickstarter goal and ships this fall. After that, you just have to take the pictures, but you have a kid, so that sort of takes care of itself.

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