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9 Montessori Shelves For Managing Toy Overload

These open shelving units let kids choose their own toys.

While the Montessori Method has legitimate roots as an educational philosophy developed by an Italian doctor and teacher, it’s since expanded into a buzzword used to apply to everything from preschools to toys to toddler beds. The latest Montessori trend: Montessori shelves.

What are they, you might ask? Essentially, open shelving placed at a low height. Montessori shelves allow kids easy access to their toys and books, helping them engage in more independent play (and cleanup). This generally means minimalist shelves that display just a handful of color-coordinated wooden toys. There’s a supposed method to the madness: The thinking goes that if kids only have access to certain toys at certain times, they will be less likely to get sick of their toys and will remain more engaged with them. And if nothing else, these Montessori shelves will look great in your house because they’re not garish eyesores.

This minimalist 31 inch shelving unit is taller than average, making it a great option for taller toys like dolls, cars, or completed crafts. It's made of birch plywood covered with two layers of maple wood veneer and comes in seven colors, so it can match the rest of your kid's room.

Totally modular and incredibly durable, Floyd's unit features powder coated steel shelves and ash supports. You can keep adding to it, both in height and width, as your kid gets older. And it looks just as at home in the living room as the play room.

This gorgeous wall-mounted bookcase can work either horizontally or vertically, depending on the size of the room and your kid's needs. It's milled from solid ash, and is simple to mount. It looks so good, you'll want it for your own room. It's 10 inches deep, so there's enough room for a select number of toys, which is the entire point.

Sturdy enough to handle anything, but cute enough to let your kid's crafts and creations take center stage, this bookcase also has a handy storage cubby below. It's made with solid poplar hardwood and Carb II Compliant MDF, and is 35 inches tall.

Made of solid poplar wood, birch wood and MDF (medium density fiberboard), this bookcase has a nice two-toned element and gives kids easy access to books and toys. The bookcase has three fixed shelves and at 46.5 inches tall, will last long past elementary school.

The dividers in these Montessori shelves create more organization, making a random pile of toys feel more intentional, and cutting down on visual clutter.

This unit comes pre-assembled and has adjustable shelves that you can switch out based on the size of the items you want to store. It's a little over two feet tall and four feet wide, and the open back means it doesn't have to be placed against a wall.

The shelves are removable, and fit into the slots that double as funky design statements. The bookcase is made from birch plywood and is 41.7 inches tall.

This open shelving unit comes with built-in seat, giving your kid a place to cozy up with their toys. It's just two feet tall, so it's great for younger kids.

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