9 Montessori Shelves For Managing Toy Overload

These open shelving units let kids choose their own toys.

by Emily Kelleher
Montessori shelves, set against a green backdrop, give kids easy access to their toys and books

While the Montessori Method has legitimate roots as an educational philosophy developed by an Italian doctor and teacher, it’s since expanded into a buzzword used to apply to everything from preschools to toys to toddler beds. The latest Montessori trend: Montessori shelves.

What are they, you might ask? Essentially, open shelving placed at a low height. Montessori shelves allow kids easy access to their toys and books, helping them engage in more independent play (and cleanup). This generally means minimalist shelves that display just a handful of color-coordinated wooden toys. There’s a supposed method to the madness: The thinking goes that if kids only have access to certain toys at certain times, they will be less likely to get sick of their toys and will remain more engaged with them. And if nothing else, these Montessori shelves will look great in your house because they’re not garish eyesores.

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