Monkii Bars Are A Portable Suspension Training System You Can Take Anywhere

Portable power up.

by Dave Baldwin
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Monkii Bars

You don’t need somebody to remind you that it’s hard to work out when you’re traveling on business. Really, who has time to fight over dumbbells in a tiny hotel fitness center when the boss is expensing a big meal at the hotel restaurant? The answer, of course, is you do. If you stop making excuses. And if you set up a portable gym in your hotel room using the Monkii Bars.

Think of Monkii Bars not as a delicious ice cream treat as the name might suggest, but as an updated version of the classic resistance bands that your parents use to connect to the door knob in the family room. It’s the same concept, although in this case you’re talking about a pair of aerospace-grade aluminum tubes that attach to a piece of 18-foot nylon webbing that attaches to the door using a special case (that also holds your smartphone.)

Using the companion Monkii Bars smartphone app, you can access 250 exercises, plus training programs and workout videos (official and user-created) for all fitness levels. When not in use, the suspension straps hide away inside the tubes which are powder coated and come in a plethora of fanciful colors. The bars weigh around 9 ounces, so good luck trying to claim they’re too heavy to pack in your luggage. They’re also TSA approved. Nice try.

There are three kits available based on how minimalist you prefer your workout equipment: the Monkii Bars Ultralight weighs in at 15 ounces and includes little more than the bars/straps and a simple case; the 25-ounce Monkii BarsAdventure rocks the aforementioned convertible case/door attachment and measures about the size of a travel bottle; and for hardcore Ultimate Ninja Warriors, there’s the all black Monkii Bars Tactical kit — it’s made of crazy durable material and includes a printed copy of the “insanely challenging Tactical Training 2 Manual.” Which you would totally read, of course, if the boss wasn’t taking everybody out to that fancy dinner. (Starts at $149, Pre-order for May 2017)

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