This Digital Frame Lets You Change The Art And Photos On Your Wall By Swiping Your Hand

Minority Report that festival poster out of the attic and back onto the wall where it belongs.

by Steve Schiff
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meural connected canvas

If your sweet festival posters were banished to the attic when Junior’s room took over your man cave, rejoice — it’s time for the encore. With the Wi-Fi connected canvas from Meural, you can instantly stream Warped Tour 96 to the living room, along with any other art or photography that fits in with your tastefully appointed home. Like, say, a family portrait. Yeah, guess this is growing up.

Meural is actually more like the Netflix of museum-quality art than that Sharper Image digital picture frame you got but never used. Each frame holds a 27-inch, wi-fi connected, high-definition screen that vividly displays classic and contemporary art and photography from Meural’s vast, subscription-based collection. Built-in ambient light sensors adjust the image to make it look as natural as the genuine article — everything from French impressionism to abstract to stunning modern landscape photography and even “Motion Art.” Because if charades can have emojis, your classy home décor can have GIFs.

The coolest feature of Meural is how easy it is to switch things up. You can control what’s on your wall using the desktop dashboard or mobile app, from which you can upload those family or festival photos if you’d like. However, since everything can be controlled with a smartphone these days and you’ve got the picture frame of the future on your wall, you can forget all that and change images through gesture control. That’s right, you can straight up Minority Report that (almost) original Picasso out of there and return that classic Guinness poster to its rightful home. Just know that the future stuff stops short of a retinal scan, so yeah, your partner can do the exact same thing.

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