McLaren Now Makes Its $1.35 Million P1 Roadster For Kids

And you thought the kid-sized Tesla Model S was insane.

by Dave Baldwin
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McLaren Ride On P1 Roadster

There’s never been a better time to be a 5-year-old in the market for a new luxury sports car. First, Tesla unveils a tyke-sized version of their popular Model S. Now, British car manufacturer McLaren gets in on the action with the Ride On P1 Roadster, a battery-powered kids car replica of their $1.35 million hybrid that can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in only 2 seconds. You can almost see the episode of Street Outlaws: Suburban Cul-de-Sac Edition now.

So what can your 3-to-6-year-old expect when they walk into the dealership (which is the only place it’s being sold) to test drive the Ride On McLaren P1 Roadster? The short answer: a single-seat convertible in Volcano Yellow with an electric drivetrain, three-speed transmission plus reverse, and dihedral butterfly doors guaranteed to impress everyone in first grade. It also comes tricked out with working lights, ‘air conditioning,’ a functional speedometer, push-button ignition, and a sound system loaded with all their favorite nursery rhymes. Not kidding. So yes, all told, the McLaren Ride On P1 Roadster is much nicer than your ’07 Corolla — too bad it tops out at 3mph. No word on how fast it get there.

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Now, the big question: How much does a mini version of a million car cost anyway? Surprisingly, not as much as you’d think. Were it to have a big enough window, the sticker on it would read $487.

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