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This Gift For Your Wife Will Get You Laid. That’s the Point.

Flowers, chocolates, and books of poetry are all essential gifts to keep the romance alive. But what about a sexier gift? We've got you covered.

This story was produced in partnership with maude, whose love kit is the perfect sexy gift for any couple.

Having kids doesn’t kill the romance in a marriage. Instead, it creates a necessary divide in the types of love expressed — love and intimacy between family and love and intimacy between adults.

When it comes to romantic gifting, then, you should have two kinds of gifts. There’s the family gift — breakfast in bed, cards from the kids, flowers, and feel-good performative romance. It’s good for the kids to see that you give things in the name of love, profess your love through cards and food, and maybe even poetry (if you’re so bold).

But then there’s the adult romance. Yes, the kind that leads to sex. You can always give your wife a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates and see where the night takes you — but titillating, this is not. You can likewise get her lingerie — a fine choice — but sometimes you want to hit it more on the nose with something that is more useful between the sheets.

You can get her the maude love kit. It has a trio of basics for bed: eight ounces of Shine organic lubricant, a three-speed Vibe personal massager with a battery that recharges via USB, and a Burn no. 1 massage candle to set the mood. But just as importantly, it’s sleek, well designed, and comes complete with a handsome carrying case for, you know, a particular kind of parents-only vacation.

Buy Now $95

Like the design, maude’s sex toys aren’t just there to push buttons. They set the mood. “Too often, sexual wellness companies focus on the act of sex without consideration for setting the tone for a more thoughtful intimate life,” founder Éva Goicochea says. “We believe that intimacy should and does exist beyond the bedroom — and so do our customers.”

So this Valentine’s Day, put your kids’ names on the flowers and get your wife a gift that you’ll both enjoy, one that can keep improving your marriage long after those flowers would have wilted.

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