MMX Marshmallow Crossbow

The Marshmallow Crossbow Is Like A Delicious, Medieval Nerf Weapon

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If you’ve ever found yourself outgunned by a battalion of 12-year-olds with Nerf shooters , you know that having an effective weapon is key. You’ve been told that bringing a real crossbow indoors would be nuts (the guys over at Bass Pro Shop can be real buzzkills), so a Vancouver company had the brilliant idea to replace those deadly arrows with decidedly non-lethal marshmallows.

While the pictures of this bad boy pretty much speak for themselves, here are a few quick details on the “Mallow Bow.”

  • Construction: MMX hand makes these things using solid Douglas Fir (covered with clear varnish) for the shaft. The trigger is black walnut, and the curved bow is hand-cut aluminum which can be laser engraved. “Puft Daddy” should strike fear into the hearts of pre-teens everywhere.

MMX Marshmallow Crossbow

  • Firing Distance: Using an elastic rubber shock cord, it a can shoot up to 60 feet. Perfect if you’re trying to launch marshmallows into your kid’s mouth from across the backyard, but pretty precarious if you’re discharging it in the living/conference room. Perhaps some protective eyewear?
  • Ammo: Big caliber, standard-sized marshmallows. Don’t even bother with the minis — those are for your victory cocoa. Whether those marshmallows are fresh or stale, however, is your call. There’s no Geneva Convention rule for that sort of thing.
  • Ages: 12

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