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The Best Magnetic Toys for Kids of All Ages

They prove the laws of attraction.

When kids play with magnetic tiles, they learn about gravity. About stability. About the basics of construction. About building something from scratch, something that originated in their imagination. The best magnetic toys and building blocks last forever and present endless possibilities for creative play.

Magnetic toys and blocks encourage open-ended play, and are just as suitable for kids playing alone as kids engaging in group play. Our favorites magnetic toys all have one thing in common: They encourage kids to explore without limits. Each has an option in which your child is challenged in ways he or she hasn’t been before. That challenge makes playtime and learning enjoyable. In the end you both win—and future report cards should prove it.

This beautiful set of magnetic wooden tiles and blocks, for kids three and up, lets them build dinosaurs or cars or houses. Or cow-horses. Or whatever else they think up. The quality of these is pretty much second to none.

Simple in concept and yet with endless creative options, the PicassoTiles set offers a way to jumpstart your child’s learning while fooling him or her into thinking they’re just another fun toy. The only limitations are the constraints of your child’s mind. It’s best for children three and up.

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Kids three and up get 42 wood magnetic pieces, which they can use to make anything from animal faces to flowers to cars to buildings. And when they're done, everything goes back into the handy carry case.

Think of this is as magnetic shuffleboard. Kids control the magnetic player by holding the magnetic stick under the board, and the goal is to guide the ball into the hole.

For dads searching for a clean sketchpad that their children can use over and over again, the Giromag tablet allows children to draw to their hearts’ content and, when the masterpiece has been achieved, wipe clean with the sweep of a hand. It’s best for children ages three and up.

With 120 magnetic, geometric pieces, your child can follow one of 12 included patterns, assembling them on the board. Once your son or daughter grasps the concept, he or she can be turned loose to explore the possibilities within the space. Once the creative time is finished, the set packs into an included snap-top acrylic case. From a trusted name in childhood development toys, it’s as close to a sure thing you can get. It’s best for children ages three to six.

Your child must navigate and separate the colored balls through the maze with only his or her magnetic rod. Along the way, passages are blocked, necessitating creative problem solving and hours of challenge and enjoyment. The balls themselves are sealed into the eight-by-10-inch board, which makes it a great option for mess-free traveling entertainment. With the charged rod, your child navigates the balls around the board while creatively solving problems en route. It’s best for children ages two to five.

It's a log cabin/magnetic toy mashup. This magnetic toy set has everything builders need to create their own log cabin. Great for ages three and up, this set encourages critical thinking and creative play. And when kids are bored with the design, they can use the magnetic tiles to create whatever they want.

With 34 tools, this kit teaches kids four and up all about magnetic force as children conduct their own experiments to learn about gravity and balance. All the pieces are perfectly sized for preschool hands, and make STEM learning fun.

In this case, we're saving the best for last. The OG of magnetic toys, Magnatiles are pricey, yes, but they stand the test of time, and then some. They let kids build whatever their brains dream up. You can start with this set of magnetic tiles, and then build your way up. Ideal for kids three and older, the set lets them build 3D creations ranging from castles to forts to cars to animals to whatever.

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