The Best Magnetic Toys for Kids of All Ages

They prove the laws of attraction.

by Jon Gugala
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The best magnetic toys for toddlers and kids

When kids play with magnetic tiles, they learn about gravity. About stability. About the basics of construction. About building something from scratch, something that originated in their imagination. The best magnetic toys for kids last forever and present endless possibilities for creative play.

Magnetic toys and blocks encourage open-ended play, and are just as suitable for kids playing alone as kids engaging in group play. Our favorites magnetic toys all have one thing in common: They encourage kids to explore without limits. Each has an option in which your child is challenged in ways he or she hasn’t been before. That challenge makes playtime and learning enjoyable. In the end you both win—and future report cards should prove it.

The Best Magnetic Toys for Toddlers

The Best Magnetic Toys for Kids

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