Get Your Kids Moving With A Projector That Turns Any Floor Into A Playable Game Board

Jump into the picture like a regular Mary Poppins.

by Steve Schiff
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Maybe kids really don’t play outside as much as they used to, but at the very least you can get yours off the couch and moving by turning your living room floor into an interactive game board with a new projector called Lumo Play.

Hang Lumo Play on the wall and the floor becomes an air hockey table or Hungry Hungry Hippos board that your kids jump into and play, Mary Poppins style, or a fishing pond or race track that reacts to their toys. You remember, those things kids played with before the screens took over?

In that regard, Lumo Play somewhat defies categorization: a screen-based toy that promotes active, social play and lets kids design their own games but doesn’t require them to code. If unpacking all that starts to hurt your brain, just know you can probably hack the thing to create the most badass pregame display in the history of family dinner. Then pop over to their site and sign up to be notified as soon as this thing is available for pre-order. (The projector itself doesn’t go on sale until next fall. For now, they have software you can use with your computer and hardware recommendations to get it set up.)

And since you were clearly going to ask, yes, Lumo Play can also function as a standard, sit your ass on the couch and watch Frozen again projector. Either way, you’re on your own for getting the kids outside once you put one of these in your house. Try a trail of Reese’s Pieces, maybe. It worked for ET.

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