Track All Your Baby’s Firsts With Lost My Name’s Personalized Milestone Cards

Wait, when did they first laugh at my jokes?

by Dave Baldwin
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Fantastic Firsts milestone gift cards

There will eventually be a time in life when you can no longer remember the specific details of your kid’s first year on earth. When did they first roll over? Or walk? Or laugh so hard at one of your jokes it made you think they were really just angling for more pureed peas? And while, honestly, nobody’s ever going to care about the answers (least of all your actual kid), they’re poignant memories you’d rather not forget — if only to brag. And thanks to these Lost My Name Fantastic Firsts personalized milestone cards, you never will.

You know the deal by now with Lost My Name: You tell them your child’s name when you order — be it one of their personalized books, Silly Snap! game, whatever — and it arrives fully customized and ready to blow their tiny little mind. How did they know my name?!?!?

This handsome Fantastic Firsts 30 card set is no different. One side of the 4.75-inch by 4.75-inch cards is a colorful illustration that highlights [insert your child’s moniker here] milestone with fun animal drawings, all ready to snap/post that pic to social media. Flip ’em over though and there’s space to fill in the pertinent details of said accomplishment. They also provide a checklist of year-one milestones so you can tick them all off and/or panic.

Since you are meant to eventually gift the set to your child at a more appropriate age, the Fantastic Firsts cards come in a “clamshell box made from embossed dribble-proof silkweave.” You can also include a dedication, maybe something along the lines of: “Dear Son. No matter what these cards say, I will always tell people you were walking at 9 months.”

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