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14 Legitimately Funny Onesies for Babies

Turn your baby into a tiny jokester.

The onesie is more than just a smart outfit. It’s the ironic t-shirt of the infant world, a way for parents to express their sense of humor through their wriggling child. Whether you’re a new dad looking to up your game or want to surprise a buddy with a funny outfit for their new child, there are a lot of onesies out there. Unfortunately, quantity does not necessarily beget quality. The Internet being the Internet, many “funny” onesies are profane, imply men are incompetent caretakers, or rely a bit too heavily on the comedic value of poop.  So, to make the selection process easier for you, we found 14 legitimately funny options that let you take advantage of the comedic potential of your baby’s wardrobe.

World’s Cutest Tax Deduction

If you had a kid to save money then the joke is actually on you.

Buy Now $13

Tuxedo Baby

A great way to have the best-dressed kid around while avoiding the dry cleaning bills that come with real tuxes.

Buy Now $18

Player 3 Has Entered The Game

A great gift for the video game-loving parents in your life.

Buy Now $13


The outfit you get if you want your baby to break into the exciting world of infant Instagram influencers.

Buy Now $16


By the time you get the joke, Vanilla Ice will already be stuck in your head.

Buy Now $15


Lederhosen is naturally funny, so lederhosen plus baby equals hilarious. Alpine hat sold separately.

Buy Now $16

Hug Life

Try this onesie before giving your baby a real Tupac-inspired tattoo.

Buy Now $12


A total nerd joke, you really need twins to pull these off. Here’s hoping the CTRL+V one doesn’t develop some kind of second-best complex.

Buy Now $25

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