This Attachment Converts A Normal Bicycle Into A Cargo Bike In Under A Minute

You haul.

by Dave Baldwin
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For as much as you love riding around on your bike, it’s not the best for hauling crap (or your kids, who also crap) around town. These guys at LIFT have stumbled on the idea that you don’t need a separate cargo bike to haul heavy loads — you just need an attachment for your regular bike that comes on and off as easily as training wheels.

Because this heavy-duty carrier converts most bicycles into a cargo vehicle, it saves you from having to buy either a separate kid trailer or a second, garage-hogging utility bike (and face it, you’re not a 2-bike guy). The best part is that you don’t need to consult your Zinn And The Art Of Bicycle Maintenence just to hook it up. According to the LIFT team, it takes less than a minute and involves only three connection points. The compartment is made of Baltic Birch plywood and is billed as the size of a wheelbarrow (about 18-inches wide by 30-inches long at its widest point), while the frame is welded, shock-absorbing steel for a smoother ride.

And because safety is of vital importance when zipping your kid around the neighborhood in open wooden box, the LIFT comes equipped with disc brakes, a wide kickstand (because trying to balance a box by yourself is a Cirque Du Soliel-type feat), and 4-ply tires that should be able to withstand chewed-up roads. The last thing you need is your LIFT to turn into a FLAT.

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