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Life-Size Legos Are Now A Thing That You Can Buy

Really, the only relevant question regarding EverBlock, the new “life-size” modular building blocks that can’t technically be called Legos even though they look exactly like Legos is: What took so long?

Available in three sizes, — 12″x6″, 6″x6″, plus smooth finishing caps — EverBlock can be used for anything from temporary event structures like bars and room dividers to home furniture to truly epic playhouses and castles. While the dimensions of your finished creations are a bit limited by the block sizes, it’s not hard to imagine an expanded product line delivering a crushing — and super fun! — blow to IKEAs everywhere.


The product has inspired some big thinkers to talk about next-generation disaster shelters, which would be cool, but less cool for the average parent than this: Given the block sizes, they’re almost impossible to step on.

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