Lick-A-Bubble Lets Kids Make Edible Bubbles Out of Their Favorite Drinks

Apple juice, Sunny D, Jack Daniels, it doesn't matter ⏤ just mix, shake, and blow.

by Dave Baldwin
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There’s not a whole lot kids don’t like about bubbles. They’re fun to blow. They’re fun to chase. They’re fun to pop. One thing they are not, however, is fun to eat ⏤ unless, of course, you enjoy the acrid taste of soap. Kids, however, always try to taste them. But that’s why Lick-A-Bubble, edible flavored bubbles made out of everyday drinks, is such a fun idea ⏤ even if it does sound weirdly erotic. Not only can you make bubbles from kids drinks, but adult beverages, too. Jack Daniels bubbles anyone?

Lick-A-Bubble is essentially a secret mix that gives any non-dairy beverage ⏤ be it Sunny D, Gatorade, flavored vodka ⏤ the viscosity of bubbles. It was invented by a pediatrician and food allergist and mixing a batch involves little more than pouring said favorite drink into the provided bottle and stirring/flipping for about 20 seconds. That’s it. It even works with carbonated soda. From there, simply pull out the wand and blow those bubbles everywhere.

It’s sold in packs of two ($7) or four (10) and each bottle includes a wand.

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