Lego Honors Four NASA Heroines

The new kit features female scientists, engineers, and astronauts who pioneered space travel.

by Ben Marx
women of NASA Lego Set

Lego unveiled a new set of figurines on Wednesday, celebrating four female scientists who pioneered space travel. “Women of NASA” features depictions of astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton.

The $25 kit also includes related backdrops for all of the figures. Nancy Roman, the “Mother of Hubble” comes with a model of the telescope she helped create. Margaret Hamilton, who developed flight software used on the Apollo moon missions, comes with a chalkboard full of crucial calculations. Sally Ride and Mae Jemison have a space shuttle that can separate into three stages.

“Women of NASA” was conceived by Maia Weinstock, a deputy editor at MIT News who posted her plans for a Lego series honoring female scientists in Lego’s Ideas community forum in 2016. Her submission received more than 10,000 votes. “Women of NASA” goes on sale November 1.

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