Office Space

The New Lego The Office Set’s 8 Best Easter Eggs

Lego’s new build of The Office is loaded with great details and inside jokes. Here are a few of our favorites.

Michael Scott Lego minifigure at a Lego office desk, holding a mug that says "world's best boss".

Over nine seasons, the American version of The Office built up a vast catalogue of inside jokes, few of which escaped Lego’s attention when they built this model of the show’s set. Here are some of our favorite Dunder Mifflin details.

“JIM!!!” Season 1, Episode 1

When Jim encased Dwight’s stapler in a jello mold, the prank set the tone for the duo’s relationship for the rest of the series. Lego pulled off a fun homage by printing a stapler onto this translucent block. The expression on Lego Dwight’s face is great, too.