The New Lego Globe Deserves a Spot on Your Desk

The 2,585-piece globe spins and serves as a geography lesson you can build.

by Sam Anderson
Originally Published: 

It seems like there is already a Lego set for everything under the sun; to anticipate the Danish toy builders’ newest brick build, you would have had to zoom out a little. Or a lot, as the case may be. This time, Lego decided to give you the pieces to literally build everything on the earth (in a way). Feast your eyes on The Globe.

The concept is straightforward: blue bricks for the ocean, green for land, tan for arid places like the Sahara Desert, and white for the poles. The vintage-style stand is elegantly lettered and cradles the globe at the traditional 23° tilt, which mirrors the angle our planet spins on its axis relative to the sun. It even spins on its axis, so you can play the “where will we go next” game with your kids.

But on the inside, the execution is an engineering marvel. Lego uses an internal superstructure of Technic bricks to support hinged “slices” of the surface. They narrow toward the poles like true longitudinal lines. Along with linear “east-west” gaps that span it horizontally, that effect helps give the impression of a traditional globe.

But maybe the coolest part of the Globe is that you can personalize it. You can attach Lego pieces to the entire surface, so your imagination is the only limit to what your globe will look like. You can add a pirate vibe with some treasure chests peppered throughout, or mark off locations that you’ve visited. It’s literally your world.

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