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The Best Lego Storage and Organizers for Keeping Bricks in Check

Because losing a key piece mid-build really, really sucks.

At a certain age, kids become obsessed with all things Lego. It is inevitable, and there’s no fighting it. But while you’re powerless to this phenomena, you’re not at the mercy of a cluttered living space and treacherous walkway. Your solution is Lego storage, a cottage industry that has sprung up to aid ailing parents who have seen the Lego dump truck back up to their homes and disgorge a load of sharp-cornered bricks and brightly colored minifigures. The best Lego storage solutions are easy for both you and your child, while the furniture provides a wide area on which to build. Granted, none are going to end up on the pages of Architectural Digest, but they will save your sanity and protect your feet. Those two combined are worth at least the cost of a few Harry Potter kits.

The Best Lego Storage Boxes and Bins

Part tote, part storage bin, part bucket, this one keeps every brick in place and has a clear base so you can see what's in it.

Clear plastic containers. That you can fill up with all manner of Legos. And see exactly what's inside. Oh, and they're stackable. Sold.

The top of this Lego storage case doubles as a building plate. And the interior has 14 Individual compartments to organize some 2,000 pieces. And it's portable.

Great for travel, the handy suitcase keeps the bricks contained until they're ready for use. Plus it comes with 213 bricks inside.

By and large, discerning Lego builders select sets with the best and most coveted minifigures. But because they're small, they go missing. No more! This case displays them with panache, so your kid is no longer hunting for Thor or Yoda.

A Lego organizer that looks like a classic brick. This particular one comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and if you want to sort bricks by color, this is a good choice. Plus, the containers are stackable.

This organizer has three transparent drawers for Lego storage. Because opening drawers requires some dexterity, this one is better for older kids. Plus, each drawer has a Lego plate attached, so kids can fasten specific bricks to each one so they know what's in the drawer.

Older kids who build massive sets will get plenty of use out of this toolbox organizer. Each Lego set comes with multiple bags of pieces, and this organizer, with its 44 see-through drawers, makes it easy to house each one in a corresponding drawer. Nothing (or... not that much) will go missing.

Technically, this is for bath toys. But that doesn't matter. This mash bag is see-through, suctions on, and is roomy enough to hold a decent number of Lego pieces. If you really want to go crazy, get one for every color — sets will be organized without even taking up any floor space.

These handy canvas storage bins can be personalized, so you can ID what's in them. They never fall apart (going strong after five years is not unusual) and provide easy access to the bricks inside them. They also look nice on a bookcase. The cutout handles are a nice addition.

The Best Lego Organizer Tables

This beautifully constructed table has multiple reversible surfaces; one is a dry-erase surface for drawing and the other is compatible with Lego and Duplo bricks for endless builds. There are storage pouches underneath the table to hold the bricks so they don't go missing. The set includes two chairs, with a weight limit of 90 pounds.

This fantastic wood table is perfect for younger kids, because it has a reversible table top that features an illustrated play surface on one side, and a building brick surface on the other, for when your child inevitably becomes Lego-obsessed. And there's ample storage under the surface.

The great thing about this roomy table is that multiple kids can play together. There are two storage bins that slide out, and the top of the table is made of two Lego plates that can be used as building foundations.

The top of this table features a panel that's compatible with Legos, so the bricks can be attached to it. And the two storage drawers are perfect for storing all the pieces.

Made from hardwood and with a Lego-compatible top, this table can handle a beating, making it a great option for kids who play rough. It's subdivided into colored grids so that children can play separately if multiple kits are in use.

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