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Best Lego Friends Sets

Take us back to Heartlake City.

So as far as we’re concerned, LEGO sets are for everyone who likes to build stuff. They help kids develop fine motor skills, boost creativity, hone cooperative play, and, best of all, keep them occupied for hours. Yes, hours.

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That being said, LEGO has a line called Friends, which is aimed at girls. It takes place in a fictional town called Heartlake City, with its own Friendship House. BFFs and mini figures Stephanie, Mia, Andrea, Emma, and Olivia do stuff like bake cupcakes, put on talent shows, and hang out at the pool.

And while they’re marketed to girls, the LEGO Friends sets are equally great for boys. Because bottom line is, they’re fun for anyone to build. The sets are vibrant, colorful, engaging, and very, very popular. These are some of the standout sets.

Your kid can build the world's coolest amusement park resort that features a beachside hotel, with a roof terrace, water park, slides, monorail, water scooter and windsurf board. Perfect summer fun.

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This Friends LEGO set, meant for kids seven to 12, is the behemoth of all things entertainment. It’s got 1,017 pieces, and includes four Friends mini figures, plus a dolphin. Kids build a resort and amusement park that has a moving monorail to explore the slides, rooftop terrace, and, of course, a juice bar. 

Hit the great outdoors with Stephanie's buggy. This Friends set includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure, plus a dog and a frog figure.

Bring on summer (and fall and spring) with this very sweet buggy and trailer set. It also includes a picnic area, toy bike, paddleboard, racket and pole tennis game and a toy campfire for ‘smores. And stuff. The set is ideal for kids ages six and up, and is of course compatible with other Friends sets.

Yes, kids can now build Stephanie’s toy house from Heartlake City. It's a two-story structure that includes a kitchen, porch, lounge, spiral staircase, bathroom, bedroom and office. Oh, and a rabbit hutch. Because, obviously.

This LEGO Friends set includes three mini figures, plus tons of dollhouse accessories and furniture. It’s 622 pieces and ideal for kids ages six to 12. 

Yes, of course there's an animal hospital in Heartlake City. This animal clinic includes an Emma mini figure, a dog figure, examination bed, feeding bottle and plate, a dog bone and a lamp.

This LEGO Friends set is a great starter option, for kids four and up. It’s easy for preschoolers to build, and they get to help Emma treat a dog who needs veterinary care.

Kids six and up can build the two display-worthy friendship heart boxes. This Friends Lego set includes Olivia and Vicky, plus a frog and a poodle toy, as well as lots of dress-up toys including police toy accessories, firefighter toy accessories, witch toy accessories, astronaut toy accessories, pirate and a pretend doctor kit.

This Friends Lego set encourages role play, as builders pretend to be firefighters, astronauts, and doctors, via their Lego alter-egos.

What's summer without a pool? To that end, kids can build the Heartlake pool, which has a wavy slide, diving board, rubber ring, air mattress, aquarium, shower, and a swim-up bar. For the parents, of course.

This LEGO Friends set includes Andrea and Martina mini figures, and is made up of 589 pieces. You create an entire, perfect summer pool, complete with a hot tub. It’s ideal for kids six to 12. 

The Voice

This 429-piece set is suitable for kids seven and up, and includes two mini figures, plus three interchangeable stage sets, and two backstage areas. 

It's never too early to teach the power of hard work. And this set does just that, as Andrea runs a cupcake shop complete with gadgets and delivers her tasty treats around Heartlake City on her scooter.

Perfect for kids ages six and up, this Friends LEGO set features BFFs Emma and Andrea, plus a rotating cupcake server, cupcake-dispensing machine, mini play kitchen, and a removable table and chairs. 

Kids can help build Mia’s stunning forest house and help her care for her pet horse and rabbit.

Great for animal lovers ages six and up, this LEGO Friends set include three mini figures of Mia and her parents, plus her rabbit and horse. And there’s a climbing wall, a grooming area for the horse, and Mia’s bedroom.

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