Lammily Is Making The First Wheelchair For Barbie-Sized Dolls In 20 Years

Small, but mighty.

by Dave Baldwin
wheelchair barbie

Because society has made some progress when it comes celebrating diversity, toys have been better about reflecting that. But if you’re wandering around a store looking to buy a doll in a wheelchair, you can’t. In fact, you haven’t been able to for almost 20 years. That’s about to change, thanks to the dude who Kickstarted the first line of realistically proportioned fashion dolls.

Every kid should have a toy that represents them, so Lammily is back at it with a wheelchair for dolls and Barbie-sized dolls — from Barbie herself, to Disney Princess, to Monster High, to their own Lammily dolls. Unlike other toy wheelchairs on the market (namely, American Girl), these don’t come as part of a hospital kit. There’s no cast, no crutches … no accidents involving a pink Corvette. These are designed for kids in wheelchairs who want to play with a doll that looks like themselves.

The wheelchairs for dolls come in an easy-to-assemble kit (building toy!), and feature moving wheels and adjustable leg rests. They’re sold individually or with one of 3 Lammily dolls included (Traveler, Photographer, or Animal Rescuer). Not only that, but proceeds for each sale go to charity. The only catch is that their successful Kickstarter campaign has already kicked, and they won’t be available until June. But that’s still probably sooner than you’ll find one in your local toy store.

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