Watching And Praying Your Kid Sleeps Through The Night Is Now A Kodak Moment

This monitor practically puts you in the room ... so you can sleep.

by Steve Schiff
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Kodak Baby Monitoring System CFH-BVA10 Curated By Tend Baby

As Kodak moments go, your baby sleeping in a darkened nursery probably won’t make Grandma’s fridge, but that doesn’t make it less noteworthy. To help you monitor every move your kid makes — or doesn’t, hopefully — until that moment comes, Kodak teamed up with the Tend Baby App to create a beautiful baby monitor with a hideous name: the Baby Monitoring System CFH-BVA10. It’s a bit early to name this newcomer Fatherly’s Best Baby Monitors list, but feast your eyes on a comprehensive monitoring system for feasting your eyes on your kid.

The first thing you’ll notice is the lovely wooden body and accents, which allow the system to seamlessly blend in with your home and nursery décor. Because if it’s going to be looking at your family 24/7, it might as well be nice to look back at.

The second thing you’ll notice — not from the exterior but quickly upon use — is the gang of robust monitoring and feedback features that made the system a 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree. Real-time local and remote HD video streaming practically puts you in the kid’s room throughout the night (even if you’re more of an extinction guy) thanks to 180° whole room view, region of interest view, automatic night vision, and 2-way audio talkback.

The integration with Tend Baby means that along with constant contact, you get constant feedback about your kid’s sleep patterns and feeding schedule. You can also control the built-in night light and white noise maker with touchless hand gestures, and set alerts and reminders for yourself like, “Use ‘Capture Snapshot’ function to remember this moment. And send a copy to mom.”

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