Knit Is A Baby Video Monitor That Can Tell If Your Baby Is Breathing

Never spend an hour staring at the monitor screen again.

by Dave Baldwin
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Knit baby monitor

No matter how well your baby sleeps through the night, every new parent with a baby video monitor knows the feeling that comes with staring at that tiny screen in search of any sign of movement. Wouldn’t it be easier if your baby monitor would just show you they were breathing? Well, that’s exactly what Knit does.

Knit is a “smart” HD baby video monitor that not only live streams footage of your baby sleeping straight to your phone, but also stares at them in a non-creepy way and studies their sleep behavior. Using just the camera and what their developers call “computer vision,” it works as both a video and wearable monitor at once, but without requiring your child to actually wear anything.

The Knit baby monitor tracks and analyzes everything from what time your baby falls asleep, to how often they wake up, to their ideal sleeping conditions (which includes room temp and humidity, as well as light and noise levels). It displays all the data on the smartphone app dashboard and provides 7-day trends so you can figure out — at least for that week— the best time to put Junior down if you want to get a full episode of Stranger Things in before they up crying. If/when they wake up, though, you’ll receive an alert on your phone.

This is all, of course, in addition to the aforementioned ability to see your kid breathing using camera technology that “amplifies motion imperceptible to the human eye.” So while you sit there swearing you saw the sleep sack flinch, Knit’s trademarked Breasy button actually displays your child’s breathing pattern/chest movement with a pulsing green circle right in the middle of the video screen. Question asked and answered.

A few other features worth noting: The Knit baby monitor not only live streams footage but captures video clips that can be shared with your pediatrician/parents, and everything is transmitted over a secure local WiFi network (no internet required) so it’s safe from hacking. Future releases will include a travel mode that links camera to smartphone without requiring any wireless network. Install is as easy mounting the camera on the wall with the included removable adhesive strips and tucking the cord away in the “cable management bobble.”

Knit’s Kickstarter just debuted, but you don’t need to worry about your baby having outgrown it by the time the product ships — it works for kids up to 10 years old. So plenty of time to put it to good use.

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