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The 6 Best Kids Meal Delivery Services

Parents who are sick of cooking — and kids who are sick of their parents' cooking — will all love these.

If having your kids eat a somewhat balanced meal seems like ‘ Sisyphean task, or if you’re simply sick of cooking, it might be time to explore the world of kids’ meal delivery services. As if by magic, these pre-made kid-friendly meals arrive at your home, radically simplifying meal prep for you and offering novel options, usually more popular than the homemade stuff, for kids. And best of all, the standout ones hide vegetables inside such child-approved dietary staples as chicken nuggets and pizza. The best kids’ meal delivery services give you ample meal options, let you customize menus, and get your kids fed without forcing you to take out a second mortgage.

The Best Kids’ Meal Delivery Services

Sun Basket recently introduced heat and eat meals, and we like the variety and the complexity of the dishes on offer; these are dishes the whole family can eat together. A few sample meals: Turkey bolognese with spaghetti, and chicken cacciatore with spaghetti. Four meals per week costs $75.92 and delivery is free. The brand uses organic products whenever possible.

The braised beef with potatoes and green beans sure looks appetizing. You get an assortment of 10 pre-made meals, which heat up in under 20 minutes in the oven. We like this brand because of its meticulous sourcing: You can go and see where your chicken, cheese, and kale come from (family farms, for the most part). And everything is made from scratch in-house.

So look, we all have the best intentions of whipping up organic, wholesome, complex yet delicious meals every day for our kids. And then reality intrudes. That's where these new pizza bites come into play. Unlike others on the market, these are made with organic vegetables including spinach and carrots, grass-fed mozzarella, and olive oil. The price below is for a two-pack that ships every four weeks.

The brand known for its tasty pre-made baby food has segued into the world of older eaters with its Plates line. Parents can choose from 20 different recipes, all with hidden veggies, superfoods, and hormone-free proteins. The spinach-and-cheese ravioli is literally restaurant quality, while the cheesy black-bean papusas are as fun as they are healthy. The best deal is 12 meals a week for $60. The meals stay fresh in the fridge for 14 days, and can be frozen for two months.

Yumble's heat-and-eat meals range from a vegetarian burrito platter to a chicken-and-broccoli casserole. The cost of 12 meals per week is $7.50 per meal. This kids' meal delivery service delivers nationwide. And the brand does curated boxes, including one aimed at picky eaters. The ingredients are organic when possible, nutritionally balanced, and regionally sourced. And they're packed in recyclable containers.

While this meal delivery service isn't technically for kids, Freshly has plenty of meals that are thoroughly kid-friendly and chef-prepared. The heat-and-eat dishes can be customized to be dairy-free, gluten-free, or soy-free. You choose your delivery day and select your meals. Sample ones include homestyle chicken with mac and cheese or cauliflower shell beef bolognese. If you opt for 12 meals a week, the cost is $114.

If you're opting for a plant-based diet, this delivery service is calling your name. Sample meals include broccoli and green beans with chickpeas, flaxseed, and avocado oil, and butternut squash and banana with quinoa, cardamom, and coconut butter. You get a frozen meal that you can reheat in minutes. But first, you submit your kid's ingredient preferences and let the pros create meals based on your child's nutritional and developmental needs. The brand sources all of its ingredients from organic or sustainable farms. You get 12 meals for $66.

This food from Fresh Direct actually tastes great, even if you're not a kid. The pizza has hidden veggies in the sauce, as do the nuggets. And the mac and cheese are infused with pureed carrots. The nutrition is so stealth that even the pickiest eaters won't figure it out. These meals aren't adventurous, but if you need something quick and solid, they're a great option.

Home Chef offers a slew of different meal options, but the ones most convenient for busy parents (with older kids) are the heat-and-eat meals. Pricing starts at $7 per meal, and delivery is nationwide but you need to enter your zip code to confirm availability. Every Monday, you can choose from 21 different meal options. Options range from ravioli to pulled pork to pot roast. The baked macaroni-and-cheese is a guaranteed kiddie crowd-pleaser.

One of the nice things about Nurture Life is that they offer meals for kids as young as 10 months, all the way up to adults. Unlike a lot of delivery services, it also uses eco-friendly packaging that is compostable and easily recyclable, making clean-up easy (and reducing guilt). Pricing starts at $7.99.

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