The Best Kids’ Clothes Sales Out Now

Kids' clothes are too expensive. These sales are here to help.

by Donna Freydkin
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Kids’ clothes aren’t cheap. This is a problem. Children constantly grow (it’s one of those things) and so the clothing you keep buying them is quickly obsolete. This is why clothing is one of those places where it’s most necessary for parents to find hand-me-downs, workarounds, and, yes, sales. Here, are compiled some of the best current kids clothing deals to solve this problem for busy parents. Happy shopping.


We love Primary because it takes all the guesswork out of buying kids’ clothes. Everything goes together. The patterns are simple. The colors are bright. The quality is absurdly great, for the price. Our only quibble: Stop using so damn many plastic bags when delivering the clothes, because not everything has to be individually packaged. But the clothes themselves are cheap enough for wear and tear, but quality-enough to be investment pieces and work as hand-me-downs.

Hanna Andersson

Not only does Hanna Andersson make the world’s sweetest, softest family pajamas, for which we are unabashed suckers. But the brand is known for cute-but-not-too-cute kids’ clothes that last basically forever. The quality truly is unbeatable, so when there’s a sale, it’s time to load up.

Tea Collection

Not only does Tea produce seriously top-notch kids’ clothes, but the brand also strives to be socially conscious both in its sourcing and its production. We like to think the vibrant clothes are a reflection of that ethos. And brand is now offering 40 percent off select styles.

Mini Boden

They’re not cheap, but Mini Boden clothes are statement-makers. They’re for kids and adults, so we’re always on the hunt for deals. In additional to its ever-full clearance section, the site is offering 10 percent of all purchases. All Boden clothing and shoes is designed in London, and made in factories monitored by the company.

Polarn O. Pyret

This Swedish clothing brand is known for many things: Making clothes that are ideal for outdoor play, that are wash-and-wear, that are fully sustainably produced, and that are designed to be used by multiple kids. Meaning, they’re well-made enough for your kids to outgrow them and they still look new. Now, the site is having a pretty epic back t0 school sale that you shouldn’t miss.


Appaman, known for its minimalist designs and killer winter coats, is ideal for the fashion-forward child. All spring and summer styles are now 25 percent off.

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