The Best Kids’ Cameras Turn Your Offspring Into the Next Ansel Adams Or Annie Leibowitz

You'll have a budding photographer, in a snap.

by Jon Gugala
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green polaroid camera

A great kids’ camera helps children explore their world. They can look at the world more carefully through the lens of a camera while creating a kind of visual diary along the way. Photos can serve as reminders of where we’ve been, who we’ve met, and what we’ve done, allowing us to relive experiences over and over again. Kids or toddler cameras let your little photographer get excited about exploring the world, tap into their creative side, and learn how to pre-visualize an image or video in their mind’s eye. But to survive the rough-and-tumble demands of the average child, a digital or polaroid camera for kids or toddlers needs a few extra qualifications.

To choose the best camera for your kid, consider things like megapixels and frame rate, but keep in mind that the real name of the game is durability. Little hands drop things all the time, so a kids camera that can’t take the occasional tumble is a no go. Consider a waterproof camera or one that prints photos instantly, like a polaroid. We break each unit’s benefits and weaknesses down so that you, patron of the arts that you are, can get your kid creating in the snap of a flash. Here’s to a future where you get to actually hold on to your phone.

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