Kid-O-Bunk Is a Portable Bunk Bed Cot for Kids

You can use it as a cot, too.

by Dave Baldwin
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kid o bunk portable bunk bed for kids

Until you reach college and become frustrated with the fact that your freshman year roommate’s every move is telegraphed through the headboard, bunk beds are pretty sweet. They’re the de facto furniture of summer camp and also offer a sort of sleep solidarity when you kick it at the house of a friend who has one. Plus, they allow so much space for activities! Now, with this lightweight double-decker bed your kids can enjoy the bunk bed life anywhere they go.

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Kid-O-Bunks are lightweight military grade portable cots that transform into collapsible bunk beds. Set up is simple and tool-free: All you have to do (or better yet, let your kids do) is connect the stack adapters and lock the beds in place.

The steel-framed cots are made of a waterproof/machine washable 600D polyester fabric and have a combined weight of 36.5 pounds. They’re designed for kids ages 7 to 12 — and/or kids who under about 5-foot and weigh up to 200 pounds. Also, they come in teal or lime and include hanging organizers that attach to the sides.

A couple of other cool features worth noting: Not only can the cots be bunked or split up ⏤ in case the kids are fighting over who gets top bunk ⏤ but they can also be converted into a bench/couch for daytime lounging. Also, they pack flat into a zippered carrying case that’s easy for kids to tote and won’t take up much space in the car.

Best of all? They’re also made for adults. Same deal, just bigger. And instead of being called Kid-O-Bunks, they’re called Disc-O-Beds ⏤ no doubt because they help ensure the whole family will survive.

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