The Keyboard Waffle Iron Is A Keyboard Waffle Iron

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If you’re so tethered to your work that your laptop is part of a balanced breakfast, now there’s a way for you to have your keyboard and eat it, too. (Although seriously, man, cut that shit out. Breakfast is important.) Feast your eyes on the Keyboard Waffle Iron — and then prepare to feast, period.

Is the KWI just a novelty version of a kitchen appliance you probably already own? Well, yeah, but it’s more than that. First, its shape maintains your family’s connection to their favorite device throughout breakfast without all those distracting cat videos. It also makes for longer waffles than your typical iron, which means this miracle of modern kitchen science creates more food with less cooking.

If that hadn’t convinced you to order one, consider its curved handle. Easy to grip and makes you look like Thor cooking breakfast — and you know that family crushes them some waffles. Finally, this die-cast aluminum beauty lets you serve up all that fluffy, buttery, nook-and-cranny-y goodness without any cords. At last, you can cook breakfast on the grill or directly over an open flame like your caveman ancestors did, which totally makes those waffles paleo, by the way.

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