The Imaginext Jurassic Rex Play Set Lets Kids Control a Giant Chomping T-Rex

It chomps. It roars. It even comes with a tiny Chris Pratt!

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There’s no shortage of Jurassic World toys competing for your kid’s (and your wallet’s) attention. It can be difficult to decide where to spend your dinosaur dollar. But, unless your kid has a particular fondness for Lego sets or prehistoric cosplay, you can’t do much better than the Imaginext Jurassic Rex play set from Fisher-Price.

The set comes with a tiny Owen figurine, a three-story base station and an ATV, all made out of plastic. But the obvious star of the show is the more than two-and-a-half-foot long T. Rex. The dinosaur is outfitted with headgear and a harness, and there’s a place on top of her skull for the Owen figurine (or any other Imaginext figurine) to stand. Twist him to see her eyes light up and hear her roar.

Kids can tilt the T-Rex’s body back and forth; while her arms realistically move but don’t do much. The most fun part of the T. Rex itself is the handle the extends from the harness. It’s an easy way to carry the dinosaur around, and it doubles as a mechanism that controls the maw of the toothsome creature. Squeeze the handle and her mouth pops open. Let go and it snaps shut in an oddly satisfying way. Don’t be surprised if your kids start experimenting, walking around the house to see what her mouth can pick up.

The T-Rex fits neatly into the base station, its legs on either side of a launcher. Put the ATV on the launcher and spin the switch next to it to give the vehicle a head start getting away from the dinosaur. Your kids can also load up a spring-loaded missile launcher on top of the station to fire at the dinosaur. There’s enough here to imagine a bunch of different scenarios, from the T. Rex biting right through an ATV to Owen making a getaway by driving the ATV through her legs. It costs $100 an

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