Jet vs. Amazon: A Price Comparison Based On Stuff You Buy All The Time

The new e-commerce platform says they'll have the lowest prices anywhere. So should you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription?

by Fatherly
amazon vs. jet

You’ve heard of building a better mousetrap, but what about a better mousetrap store? Marc Lore, the guy who sold to Amazon for $550 million, is betting that his new startup, Jet, can do e-commerce and online shopping better than his former buyer, the guys who perfected quality goods at low prices that you forgot you ordered while you were drunk.

RELATED: The Best Amazon Prime Deals For Parents, currently in private beta, will charge members $50 a year to access the lowest prices possible on a vast range of goods, with additional discount opportunities for buying items in larger quantities, purchasing multiple items from the same retailer, or waiving the right to return certain items — plus free shipping for orders over $35 and free returns. Jet claims that, by offering products that are on average 5-to-6 percent cheaper than anywhere online, they will ultimately save members at least $150 a year.

Of course, somewhere between 30 and 40 million Americans already pay $99 a year for Amazon Prime, where they get free 2-day shipping on more than 20 million items, plus all the streaming video, music, and e-books their data plan can handle. Should Prime members ditch all that in favor of the shiny new Jet?

Here’s an apples-to-apples price comparison of a few choice items you might need, including food, kids toys, gear, and diapers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include actual apples, because Jet doesn’t do produce yet.

Amazon vs. Jet: Grocery

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers (58oz, 3 bags in box)

Amazon: $14.62Jet: $8.69

Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness Organic Juice Drink (6.75 fl oz pouches, 8 count)

Amazon: $7.39Jet: $4.98

Honey Nut Cheerios (21.6oz box)

Amazon: $11.18Jet: $6.96

Amazon vs. Jet: Baby Products

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers (Size Newborn, 32 count)

Amazon: $11.99Jet: $8.43

Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger Stroller (Cougar)

Amazon: $219.94Jet: $213.73

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Amazon: $189.98Jet: $235

Amazon vs. Jet: Electronics

Beats Studio Over-Ear Headphones (Matte Black)

Amazon: $269Jet: $260.20

Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband (Black)

Amazon: $90.14Jet: $93.95

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker (Chrome)

Amazon: $199.99Jet: $168.25

Amazon vs. Jet: Kids Toys

GoldieBlox And The Dunk Tank

Amazon: $19.99Jet: $14.87

Radio Flyer Big Red Classic

Amazon: $123.48Jet: $113.24

Lego City Arctic Base Camp

Amazon: $73.59Jet: $65.79

The Verdict

Let’s say you woke up one morning to discover all of the above in a shopping cart after another late night spending spree. You’d be into Amazon for $1,231.29, and only $1194.09 on Jet. That’s an unexciting savings of $37.20 — but Amazon only stays close in this competition because of the baby monitor (which is $45 more on Jet).

Correct for those single savings (since you should buy this baby monitor anyway), and Jet comes out ahead by $82.22. That’s nearly an 8 percent savings over Amazon and puts you well on your way to the $150 annual savings that Jet claims.

So, there you have it: If you’re a Prime member who isn’t watching a ton of Transparent or addicted to 2-day shipping, but is buying a ton of diapers and Cheerios, you might want to consider switching. And maybe quit it with the late night drunken shopping while you’re at it.