The Jeep Revolution Pedal Go-Kart Is Built To Take Your Kids Off-Road

Get the hose ready.

by Dave Baldwin
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Jeep BFR-3 Revolution Go-Kart

Because not every kid lives on a quiet cul-de-sac in a leafy suburb of Cincinnati (and drives a McLaren P1), the Jeep BFR-3 Revolution Pedal Go-Kart from Dutch outdoor specialists Berg is designed to go off-road. Way off-road. As far off-road as your kid can pedal before their tiny legs get tired.

A dune buggy-style kart for kids 5+, the Revolution is built rough and tumble (no doubt for future Wrangler owners) with 15-inch all-terrain tires, double ball-bearing steering, back-pedal brakes, and swing axle suspension to handle the roughest of road conditions. Since pedaling through mud and muck can be hard work for a 5-year-old, the BFR-3 Revolution boasts 3 gears to make it easier. Since kids don’t always follow directions and may make a wrong turn at that fallen tree down by the creek, there’s also a reverse gear. It’s even tricked out with rear (and optional front) mudguards to keep all the slop from kicking up along the way.

Not unlike the battery-operated Telsa Model S, you can customize your Jeep BFR-3 Revolution with any number of options ranging from a roll bar, spare tire, or sport steering wheel, to heavy duty brake pads, floodlights, and even a passenger seat — so at least there’ll be another pair of tiny legs to pedal that damn thing home at the end of the day.

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